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Integrated Functional Materials Group

Group Research Theme

Based on cutting-edge inorganic materials technologies and their integration with other advanced technologies, Integrated Functional Materials Group develops high-efficiency materials for energy conversion generating such as electricity, high-energy organic compounds and useful wavelength of light, including R&D of:

  • High performance of thermoelectric materials and modules toward “entropy recovery society”
  • Improvement of the energy conversion efficiency such as photocatalyst and photon upconversion.

Staff Members

Leader Ryoji Funahashi
Chief Senior Researcher Kenji Kamada
Senior Researcher Yoshinari Ishido
Senior Researcher Heck Claire
Senior Researcher Masato Kiuchi
Senior Researcher Hiroaki Sakurai
Senior Researcher Nobutaka Tanigaki
Senior Researcher Tetsuro Jin


Inorganic Functional Materials Research Institute
Integrated Functional Materials Group

Address : AIST Kansai 1-8-31 Midorigaoka, Ikeda, Osaka 563-8577 Japan


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