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Energy Interface Technology Group
産業技術総合研究所 省エネルギー研究部門 エネルギー界面技術グループ


The electric power storage devices such as lithium ion secondary batteries attract much attention by recent rapid expansion of application fields: From mobile equipments to transportation for low carbon emission and stationary storage for utilization and stabilization of renewable power sources.

Energy Interface Technology Group investigates physiochemical phenomena involved in the interfaces between solid, liquid, and gas phases for design and development of high-performance energy storage devices.

Nano-structuring techniques in materials processing are utilized to maximize area and stability of surface and minimize diffusion length of ionic species. High-resolution advanced measurement technologies including synchrotron radiation X-ray are implemented for detailed understanding of atomic and electronic structures.


Leader Hirofumi MATSUDA
Senior Researcher Daisuke ASAKURA, ResearcherID: M-9807-2017
Senior Researcher Eiji HOSONO, ResearcherID: M-8402-2013
Senior Researcher (concurrent) Eunjoo YOO
Senior Researcher (concurrent) Hirokazu KITAURA
Senior Researcher Yoshiyasu SAITO
Researcher Jun OKAGAKI
Prime Senior Researcher (concurrent) ZHOU Haoshen
Postdoctoral Researcher Takaaki SUDAYAMA
Postdoctoral Researcher Wu Shichao


Energy Interface Technology Group

Address : AIST Tsukuba Central 2, 1-1-1 Umezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8568 Japan
Phone: +81-29-861-XXXX Fax: +81-29-861-XXXX
Email: energy-int-info-ml (at)

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