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AIST Start-ups

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AIST start-ups are venture companies aiming to commercialize the AIST research results.

* Companies transitioned from Certified AIST ventures to "AIST start-ups".The date of the transition is described as (d-mmm-yy) on Authorization column.

  No urlandname Bussiness contents Research Unit Authorization support closed interview Initial Public Offering
2002-1 1 ECODEVICE CORPORATION[10-Mar-07 bankruptcy] Development and sales of Visible-Light responsive photocatalyst and the related products Institute for Enviromental Management Technology 1-Aug-02 31-May-05

2002-2 2* Best Systems Inc. BestSystems is a "Total Solution Provider" focused on Technical computing market, providing Hardware(PC Cluster system,Supercomputer system), software and professional Services. Grid Technology Research Cetnter 1-Aug-02(25-Mar-05) 30-Sep-06

2002-3 3 Evolvable Systems Research Institute, Inc.[28-Jul-10 liquidation] Development and Sales of Software based on Artificial Intelligence and Optimization Technique Advanced Semiconductor Research Center
Photonics Research Institute
1-Aug-02 30-Sep-07

2002-4 4 InfoGenes Co.,Ltd. manufacture and provide DNA microarrays of environmental hormones and entrusted service of DNA microarray analysis. Research Center for Medical Glycoscience Signaling Molecules Research Laboratory 1-Aug-02 31-Mar-07

2002-5 5 Advangen, Inc.[28-May-13 mergers and acquisitions] Application of FGF-contoring technology in dermatology field Age Dimension Reseach Center
International Patent Organism Depositary
1-Aug-02 31-Mar-07

2002-6 6 Grid Research Inc.[10-Jun-11 liquidation] Grid Research Inc. is a pioneer company just for GRID technologies. GRI provides GRID environment and support all GRID deployment flows from design , programming, installation to support. Grid Technology Research Cetnter 1-Aug-02 30-Jun-07

2002-7 7 Sensor Information Laboratory Corp (1) Consulting for utilization and analysis of earth observation data
(2) Management support for earth observation system
(3) Sales of acquired and processed earth data products
(4) Analysis and processing of earth observation data
(5) Software development and analysis services for earh observation data
(6) Training for earth observation data use
Institute of Geoscience
Energy Electronics Institute
1-Aug-02 31-Mar-07

2002-8 8 Gene Techno Science Co.,Ltd. Gene Profiling and Novel Drug Discovery in Animal Disease Model Institute for Biological Resources and Fanctions AIST Fellow 1-Aug-02 31-Jul-07 interview05.html 30-Nov-12 Mothers
2002-9 9 Medical Image Lab, Inc.[30-Oct-15 change to Non Profit Organization] Research and development in the system which makes diagnostic imaging highly precise,such as development of the 3-dimensional substance model for medical treatments. Research Institute of Genome-based Biofactory
(Institute for Human Science and Biomedical Engineering, Research Institute of Biological Resources)
1-Aug-02 31-Jul-07

2002-10 10* General Robotix, Inc.[9-Apr-13 cession of bussiness] Comercialization of the OpenHRP Robotics Framework and Controller.
Development and distribution of robotic hardware and software.
Intelligent Systems Institute 8-Nov-02(26-Dec-06) 7-Nov-07

2002-11 11 EAMEX Co We will develop products in a wide range of fields based on the research anddevelopment of the polymer actuator technology. Collaboration Department(Information Technology Institute) 12-Nov-02 30-Sep-06

2002-12 12 NSP.Co., Ltd.(Nonami Science Co.,Ltd.) Industrialization of multi-functional ceramic catalyst in the area of sterilization, bleaching
and cleaning technology of environment
Ceramics Ressearch Institute 16-Dec-02 15-Dec-07

2002-13 13 Tokai Global Greening Co., Ltd. Research & development, manufacture and sales of chemical compounds that multiply plant cells and activate plants
·Research and development of carbon dioxide discharge treatment
Ceramics Ressearch Institute 12-Mar-03 15-Dec-05

2002-14 14* Kankyo Semiconductors Company, Ltd.[30-Nov-09 closing] Development, Production and Sales of Semiconductor Optical Sensor. Developments of Various Devices using Semiconductor Materials Photonics Research Institute 12-Mar-03(7-Jul-05) 31-Mar-08

2002-15 15 iGENE Therapeutics Inc.[31-Mar-12 mergers and acquisitions] Research & Development of :
siRNA expression plasmid vector
siRNA oligomers
siRNA library
siRNA drug etc.
Gene Function Research Center 12-Mar-03 31-Mar-08

2002-16 16 Bioimmulance Co. Ltd. [15-Dec-15 special liquidation] Research and development of the immunological tests and the therapeutics (cell-medicine) for the cancer, allergy and others focusing on imbalance of the Th1 and Th2 immune system. Research Center for Glycoscience 12-Mar-03 09-Apr-08

2003-1 17 Photocatalytic Materials Incorporated Manufacturing / Sales and R&D for Photocatalyst source liquid materials, Photocatalyst Coated materials for Environmental purification Ceramics Ressearch Institute 4-Sep-03 3-Sep-08

2003-2 18 REDOX BIOSCIENCE INC. Application/development of thioredoxin and redox control research.Promotion/support of industry/academia/government collaboration Human Stress Signal Research Center 4-Sep-03 03-Sep-08

2003-3 19* Assay Corporation[1-Apr-07 closed down] Assay Corporation develops highly sensitive gene-detection devices, reagents and systems. Research Center of Advanced Bionics 4-Sep-03(19-Jul-05) 31-Mar-07

2003-4 20 Smartec Inc. Research, Planning, Design, Development and Sales of Software Solution designed based upon Java/XML componentware technology for Manufacturing (Monozukuri) Industry Digital Manufacturing Research Center 4-Sep-03 3-Sep-08

2003-5 21 TOPTECHNO Co.Ltd. Application of Electro-abrasive Polishing technique for metallic material , e.g. stainless steel, titanium etc.Precise polishing for non-metallic material , e.g. quartz, glass, ceramics used for optical or semi conductor technology. Digital Manufacturing Research Center 4-Sep-03 3-Sep-08

2003-6 22 NMRDBTech Distribution and construction of NMR spectral database for organic compounds. Institute of Materials and Chemical Research 2-Oct-03 31-Mar-08

2003-7 23 SurgTrainer, Ltd. Development, manufacturing, and sales of:
(1) precise models for surgical training and their components, and
(2) surgical rehearsal/navigation/education systems with such models.
Institute for Human Science and Biomedical Engineering 2-Oct-03 1-Oct-08

2003-8 24 Materials Design Technology Co., Ltd. Development and sales of thermodynamicdatabase for materials.
Development and sales of software for materials.
Consultant about materials
Materials Research Institute for Sustainable Development 2-Oct-03 1-Oct-08

2003-9 25 Cyber Assist One INC. Preparing both hard and software using compact batteryless information terminal(TOBIOT 飛音), of which sample has been in exhibition at the Global House Current-Sound System in Komaki during Nagoya EXPO. Cyber Assist Research Center 27-Nov-03(1-Jun-06) 26-Nov-08

2003-10 26 Alnair Laboratories Corporation ·Mode-locked Fiber Laser Incorporated Carbon nanotube
·ASE noise suppression
·Nonlinear optical devices
Nanotechnology Research Institute
Photonics Research Institute
18-Feb-04 17-Feb-09

2003-11 27* Thermostable Enzyme Laboratory Co., Ltd Thermostable Enzymes.Custom Services (Screening/Protein engineering).Technical Consulting The Special Devision for Human Life Technology 18-Feb-04(30-Jun-05) 17-Feb-09

2004-1 28 Macrotec Co.,Ltd.[31-May-10 liquidation] Development of biomaterials and medical device. Institute for Biological Resources and Functions(Research Institute of Genome-based Biofactory) 8-Apr-04 7-Apr-09

2004-2 29 ROM Co.,Ltd Develop microbial formulation /product for agriculture and remediation of enviromental pollution Research Institute of Genome-based Biofactory 8-Apr-04 7-Apr-09

2004-3 30 Ingenex Biotechnologies Co.,Ltd. - Institute for Biological Resources and Functions(Research Institute of Genome-based Biofactory) 8-Apr-04 7-Apr-09

2004-4 31 Four-T kaken Co. Ltd. Manufacturing and sales of photocatalytic materials and products, and commodity for saving energy and environmental clean-up. Development, commercialization and sales of new materials and products of next generation. Ceramics Research Institute(Materials Research Institute for Sustainable Development) 8-Apr-04 7-Apr-09

2004-5 32 Green Products Laboratory Ltd. R & D and consulting of cosmetics (whitening, antioxidant, antimicrobial, antiaging etc.), foods, medicines and polymers. Institute for Biological Resources and Functions 8-Apr-04(8-Jun-05) 07-Apr-09

2004-6 33 Environment Technology Ventures, Inc.[1-Apr-10 mergers and acquisitions] Development, manufacture and sales of high-efficient VOC recovery systems. Research Institute for Environmental Management Technology 28-Apr-04 30-Jun-08

2004-7 34 Ymatic Co.,Ltd Radio sensor network node development Intelligent Systems Institute 16-Jun-04 15-Jun-09

2004-8 35 MovingEye Inc.[23-Aug-07 mergers and acquisitions] Our products include "Moving Eye" a wide angle security camera system using a fish-eye lens , and "Kouzou" which is a system for commercial vehicles which allows an operator to keep track of it's position in space and time. Also in our product line is a hard real-time Linux based kernel "ARTLinux" which is currently being used in robots. By adding real-time communication software using "ARTLinux" as a base we plan to extend our product line to the network within moving vehicles. Together with "ACnet" a real-time ethernet we plan to provide systems for vehicles, control and security. Intelligent Systems Institute 16-Jun-04 23-Aug-07

2004-9 36 On Fiber System Co., Ltd.[31-Mar-07 closed down] R&D, Manufacturing and Sales of General and Industrial Lamps. Manufacturing and Sales of Flat Display with light-emitting device. Manufacturing and Sales of Semiconductor Device. Photonics Research Institute 11-Aug-04 31-Mar-07

2004-10 37* Digital Human Technology Inc. Development, distribution, and consultation of measuring instruments.
Development and distribution of computer software
Development and distribution of database
Digital Human Research Center 24-Aug-04 23-Aug-09

2004-11 38 REXEON Technology The mission of REXEON Technology is to develop PCB products and applications by utilization of reconfigurable semiconductor devices. REX2 and REXNET series PCB products provide excellent performance for various research area and development projects. The target applications of our products and services are image processing, network packet processing, semiconductor prototyping, hi-performance computing and so on. Information Technology Research Institute 16-Sep-04 15-Sep-09

2004-12 39 EVEC, Inc. EVEC, Inc. makes FULLY HUMAN MONOCLONAL ANTIBODIES. EVEC has technologies for making fully human monoclonal antibodies from human peripheral B-lymphocytes by Epstein-Barr virus transformation methods. Research Institute of Genome-based Biofactory 29-Oct-04 30-Sep-09

2004-13 40* IQUANTUM Corporation[24-Feb-09 mergers and acquisitions] Manufacturing of advanced electronic measurement systems: (1)Sub-two-kelvin Magnetic Measurement System, (2)AC/DC Transfer Standard System, (3)Liquid-He-free Programmable Josephson Voltage Standard System Nanoelectronics Research Institute 17-Nov-04(12-Apr-05) 24-Feb-09

2004-14 41* Applied Vision Systems Corporation Supply the software and the hardware for the 3-dimensional stereo camera measurement and object recognition systems. Intelligent Systems Institute 17-Nov-04(25-Mar-05) 24-Nov-09 interview18.html
2004-15 42* CytoPathfinder, Inc. CytoPathfinder, Inc. is a bio-venture company based on the unique transfection microarray system developed by AIST. This system is a novel Intra-celler signal pathway analysis system combining RNA interference and information technology, and also it is applicable to full-range of pharmaceutical business from drug discovery to development to marketing, through identification & validation of discovery targets, selection of development candidates, product differentiation, and discovery of alternative indications. Research Institute for Cell Engineering
Nanotechnology Research Institute
17-Dec-04(25-Mar-05) 19-Dec-09

2004-16 43 Fermlab R&D and consultation for bioprocess design and novel applications of industrially important microorganisms based on genomics Institute for Biological Resources and Functions 17-Dec-04(15-Jan-08) 23-Dec-09

2004-17 44* NanoSystem Solutions,Inc.[3-Jun-13 mergers and acquisitions] Sales of Maskless exposure systems,biochips,as well as other related products,and commercialization of those products. Nanotechnology Research Institute
Micro-Space Chemistry Laboratory
22-Dec-04(26-Apr-05) 01-Mar-07

2004-18 45* J-Bio 21 Corporation[1-Jul-11 mergers and acquisitions] ·The development of the technology for SNP analysis and DNA quantification.
·The sales of the reagent for genetic analysis.
·Consalting for genetic analysis.
Institute for Biological Resources and Functions
21-Jan-05(17-Oct-08) 20-Jan-10

2004-19 46 Vessels Inc. R & D of Bimaterials and Biotechnology for Biomedical Fields focused on Bioreactor, Artificial Vessels and Biomaterial Surface modification . Research Institute for Cell Engineering
Institute for Human Science Biomedical Engineering
26-Jan-05 25-Jan-10

2004-20 47 Synergymedia, Inc. Development and operation of IC Card solutions such as advertisement and sales promotion. Data center service for IC card and mobile device services. Information Technology Research Institute 9-Mar-05 08-Mar-10

2004-21 48 Xtal Design Limited[31-Oct-10 liquidation] Sale and Production of materials related to crystal growth. Nanoelectronics Research Institute
Energy Technology Research Institute
24-Mar-05 23-Mar-10

2004-22 49 Visual Tracking Limited[31-Dec-11 liquidation and closing] Consignment study, development of equipments, and consultancy on image information are carried out. Information Technology Research Institute 24-Mar-05 23-Mar-10

2004-23 50 Pulse-ImmunoTech Corporation[31-Mar-10 liquidation] Merchandising on the basis of the technology of Pulse Immunoassay: the speed with which testing can be undertaken and the sensitivity that can be achieved. Sensitivities down to low picogram/millilitre levels suggest the potential to compete with radioisotope market sector. Sample volumes typically 1/1000 of that used conventionally are possible (0.15ul). The cost of the test is also very low and multi-sample/parallel sample processing is possible.
Mainly a clinical inspection reagent (tumor marker, Virus marker, POCT, etc.)
Besides: the support, requisition development of the order maid development of the inspection other than genetic screening and medicine region
Research Center of Advanced Bionics(Tokyo Unversity of Technology) 31-Mar-05 30-Mar-10

2005-1 51 Piezo Food Techno. EA Co., LTD - Institute for Biological Resources and Functions
Human Stress Signal Research Center
21-Apr-05 20-Apr-10

2005-2 52 SIJTechnology, Inc. SIJTechnology, Inc. is a high-tech start up company based on super-fine ink jet (SIJ : Super Ink Jet) developed by AIST. The system can make a few micron width wires and micro bumps. We provide on-demand fabrication service based on customer's requirements. Nanotechnology Research Institute 25-May-05 24-May-10

2005-3 53 Bio Line Co.,Ltd.[1-Apr-07 cession of business] Research and development of Nano particle for life science,Development and application of gene delivery technology,Dissemination service of new useful materials On-site Sensing and Diagnosis Research Laboratory 30-Jun-05 01-Apr-07

2005-4 54 Binos Corporation[26-Feb-13 mergers and acquisitions][19-Jan-16 bankraptcy] Research and Development of treatment process for concentrated wastewater based on biomass technology and provide better solutions to customers Research Institute for Environmental Management Technology 30-Jun-05 29-Jun-10

2005-5 55 Emerging Technologies Corporation R&D, Consulting, and Sales of Optical Devices, Electric Devices, Glass Materials, and Ion-implantation Equipment.
Consulting for R&D, Information Technology, and IT Security.
Center for Applied Near-Field Optics Research 30-Jun-05 29-Jun-10

2005-6 56 Nano Seeds Corporation The analysis of physical properties of resin particle, ceramic particle, pharmaceutical particle. The development, manufacturing and sales of measurement system concerning analysis of fine particle physical properties. Materials Research Institute for Sustainable Development 7-Jul-05 06-Jul-10

2005-7 57 Trimatiz Limited (1)Productization of the light-controlled photo-switch
(2)Development, manufacture and sale of the products such as VOAs and EDFAs, which made full use of the high speed optical control technology
Photonics Research Institute 4-Aug-05 03-Aug-10 interview04.html
2005-8 58 ESICAT Japan, LLP[31-Dec-08 cession of business]
Power Electronics Research Center 5-Oct-05 26-Jan-09

2005-9 59 Energy Safety Labo Inc. (1) Consultation for total energy consumption management, priority of measure to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emission
(2) Consultation for monitoring and evaluation of rockmass safety
Energy Technology Research Institute 17-Oct-05 16-Oct-10

2005-10 60 Biometrica Systems (Asia) Inc.
Intelligent Systems Research Institute 1-Dec-05 31-Mar-07

2005-11 61 GreenSogna, Inc. We are focusing our corporate activities to the improvement of forestry for pulping, the seed for major crops, fodder and lawn and the biomass plants by the application of our technology. We will promote research and development of target plants in cooperation with the clients. Gene Function Research Center 1-Dec-05 30-Nov-10

2005-12 62 Prontest. INC. Development and marketing of the patented pronunciation analyzing software engine named PRONTEST, focused on language learning on education and medical field. Information Technology Research Institute 1-Dec-05 30-Nov-10 interview17.html
2005-13 63 GlycoGene Inc.[27-Mar-13 mergers and acquisitions,31-Aug-15 liquidation] R&D, sales and consulting of reagents, instruments, software and medicinal supplies related to glycobiology and glycotechnology. Research Center for Glycoscience 1-Dec-05 30-Nov-10

2005-14 64 Modellize, Inc.[liquidation] Modellize provides intelligent solutions and services by modeling human behavior and intelligence. As part of Modellize solutions, Bayesian Network-based behavioral prediction engine enables advanced services for retail and navigation applications. Digital Human Research Center 14-Dec-05 13-Dec-10

2005-15 65 Nano Craft Technologies Corporation Manufacturing/Sales and R&D through Prodactization of nano scale imprint application and human/environmental sensor application systems. Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute 26-Dec-05 25-Dec-10

2005-16 66 TRAS Inc.[liquidation] Research and Development of Optical Measurement Devices using Geminated Ellipsoid Mirror from a View-point of Exploring the Way of their Business Application Nanoelectronics Research Institute 8-Feb-06 07-Feb-11

2005-17 67 Intelligent System Co.,Ltd. - Intelligent Systems Research Institute 8-Feb-06 07-Feb-11 interview09.html
2005-18 68 CellTesco Medical Engineering Corporation CellTesco Medical Engineering Corporation is a pioneer company of consulting and technical assistant service and business for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine to the concerning hospitals, clinics and institutes. Research Institute for Cell Engineering 13-Mar-06 31-Mar-09

2005-19 69 System Verfication and Validation Laboratory Inc.[26-Mar-08 liquidation] Conduct training courses of formal methods for engineers, using the curriculum and know-hows developed by CVS, AIST.
Provide consulting services, hold symposiums and conferences, give lectures, publish books, and thereby disseminate formal methods to the society.
Research Center for Verification and Semantics 24-Mar-06 26-Mar-08

2006-1 70 Mol Labo Inc. Research Development, Consultation and Co-Research, Production, and Sales of:
(1) Metal Carboxylates and Other Surfactants
(2) Espacially Three Types of Cystals, Powder, Scaly and Fiber, of Lithium Carboxylats
(3) Applications for Grease and Lubricants, Nano Materials, Oil Polluted Water Remediation.
Research Institute for Environmental Manegement Technology 3-Apr-06 2-Apr-11

2006-2 71 Prowart, Inc.[31-Mar-10 liquidation] Development of downstream technologies for biologicals
Analytical services for protein engineering researches
Consulting and research services on global biobusiness
Institute for Biological Resources and Functions 3-Apr-06 31-Mar-10

2006-3 72 Afje Inc. Afje Co., Ltd. is a company which plan, study, development and selling of an ionizer. Compared with conventional ionizers, Afje's are different and drive a microplasma ionization element by low voltage and do diselectrification. Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute 24-Apr-06 23-Apr-11

2006-4 73 NS Materials Corp. Research and development of micro space chemical technologies. Innovative
research and product development of organic , metal, and inorganic nano
particles, and biochemical materials, etc. Development and manufacture of
point of care testing devices.
Nanotechnology Research Institute 1-Aug-06 31-Jul-11 interview06.html
2006-5 74 Vector Dynamics Corporation - Dynamic mesurement, testing and calibration of accelerometers based on matrix theory
- Design and development of inverse matirx sensitivity device for high-precision accelerometers
- Design, development and sales of reference devices for multi-axis accelerometers and inertial sensors
- Design and development of on-board Unit
Metrology Institute of Japan 8-Aug-06 7-Aug-11

2006-6 75 Refre Bio Technology - Energy Technology Research Institute 3-Oct-06 2-Oct-11

2006-7 76 United Technologies Institute - AIST Fellow 31-Oct-06 30-Oct-11

2006-8 77 Janusys Corp.[1-May-17 Merges and Acquistions] Drug discovery and research bassed on its proprietary tgechnology Institute for Biological Resources and Functions 22-Nov-06 21-Nov-11

2006-9 78 IDUR Corporation We provide our customers with information that save their time, energy consumption and so on by balancing the supply and demand in real time and dynamically. Information Technology Research Institute 22-Nov-06 21-Nov-11

2006-10 79 Redoxyon Co., Ltd.[24-Feb-09 liquidation] - Nanoelectronics Research Institute 5-Feb-07 31-Mar-09

2006-11 80 Care four, Inc Research and development of Fluorescence Nano particle for life science,Development and application of gene delivery technology,Dissemination service of new useful materials On-site Sensing and Diagnosis Research Laboratory 15-Feb-07 14-Feb-12

2006-12 81 YAMAZAKI-DDS Co., Ltd. Research and development of active targeting DDS technology: Application to therapeutics, diagnostics, imaging, reagent, cosmetics, etc. Nanotechnology Research Institute 29-Mar-07 28-Mar-12

2006-13 82 Sapporo Bio Factory Co. Ltd. Development of reagents for high-sensitive measurement of a target protein Research Institute of Genome-based Biofactory 29-Mar-07 28-Mar-12

2006-14 83 E&E SYSTEM Co., Ltd. R&D and Sales of Stirling Cycle Machines and Application Systems Energy Technology Research Institute 29-Mar-07 28-Mar-12

2006-15 84 GISMEC Corporation[1-Apr-10 Merges and Acquistions] - Energy Technology Research Institute 29-Mar-07 30-Jun-08

2007-1 85 Factory Vision Solutions Corporation The solution service in the factory automation field, adapting high-performance three-dimensional visual-information-processing technology Collaboration Promotion Department AIST Kansai Collaboration Center Collaborative Research Team of Intelligent Functions 24-Aug-07 23-Aug-12

2007-2 86 Chromosome Science Labo Inc. -Molecular cytogenetic analysis service
-Manufacturing and sales of DNA probes for FISH analysis
Research Institute of Genome-based Biofactory 1-Nov-07 31-Oct-12

2007-3 87 Tsukuba Technology Co., Ltd. Design, development, manufacture, sales and maintenance of "ultrasonic imaging equipment for flaw inspection" based on laser ultrasonic visualization technology Research Institute of Instrumentation Frontier 1-Nov-07 31-Oct-12 interview03.html
2007-4 88 YuuZuu,Inc We propose a reservation method that accommodates demands of customers and supplies of service vendors for increasing both customers' satisfaction and vendors'profit. Intelligent Systems Research Institute(Center for Service Research) 29-Nov-07 28-Nov-12

2007-5 89 VOISER Inc. [31-Dec-14 liquidation] Development of multimedia retrieval systems; based on sub-phonetic
segments(SPS) in speech recognition technology.
Information Technology Research Institute 18-Jan-08 17-Jan-13

2007-6 90 Life Robotics Inc. [9-Feb-18 Merges and Acquistions] R&D and sales of well-fare robotic systems that are cheap and useful. Intelligent Systems Institute 23-Jan-08 22-Jan-13

2007-7 91 Cytonics corporation[30-Sep-09 liquidation] Development, production and distribution of the advanced devices with cell allocation and selection technology by photoirradiation. Research Center of Advanced Bionics 6-Feb-08 30-Sep-09

2007-8 92 Afio Co. , Ltd Research and development of health care, sports medicine, and rehabilitation related products and services. Institute for Human Science and Biomedical Engineering 17-Mar-08 16-Mar-13

2008-1 93 New Industrial Technology Specific design and manufacturing of novel combined planetary gears enabling high-reduction, compact and lightweight structure. Intelligent Systems Research Institute 6-Jun-08 05-Jun-13

2008-2 94 PicoTherm Corporation Development / Manufacturing / Sales of Thermal Analysis System
Thermal Analysis Service for Thin Film
Metrology Institute of Japan 20-Jun-08 27-May-13 interview10.html
2008-3 95 Secure Grid Gateway Co., Ltd [20-May-09 liquidation] Research and development of IT services using grid technologies, in order to relax the rush of the industrial companies and help their BCP. Information Technology Research Institute 20-Jun-08 20-May-09

2008-4 96 Galaxy Pharma Co. We will find drug candidates by using the most advanced proteomics technology and develop them. Biomedicinal Information Research Center 16-Sep-08 31-Mar-13

2008-5 97 Tsukuba Fuel Cell Laboratory, Inc. Development and sales of new materials, measuring and testing methods, and to contribute to the fuel cell related industry. Energy Technology Research Institute 17-Oct-08 16-Oct-13

2008-6 98 NAST Corporation NAST develops thermoelectric micro gas sensors based on semiconductor manufacturing processes, with the gas sensor technology developed by AIST. The manufacture and vending of the thermoelectric hydrogen sensor are our main business. Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute 29-Jan-09 28-Jan-14

2009-1 99 IRspec Corp. Highly sensitive infrared photo-detectors, arrays and signal processing modules for weak optical signal detection and imaging. Nanotechnology Research Institute 18-May-09 17-May-14

2009-2 100 EDP Co. Fabricator of diamond single crystals for industrial applications. The activity include development and sales. Products may be applied in cutting tools, substrate for device research, opticalparts etc. Diamond Research Center 1-Oct-09 30-Sep-15 interview02.html
2009-3 101 Piecemeal Technology Inc.[12-Feb-10 mergers and acquisitions] Maintaining AIST Comprehensive Framework and supporting system integration based on the framework. Center for Service Reserch 16-Dec-09 15-Jul-13

2009-4 102 nanolux Development, design, production and sales of electronics such as nightview cameras and electronics systems Nanotechnology Research Institute 8-Mar-10 07-Mar-15 interview08.html
2010-1 103 D3 Platform Technologies Co.,Ltd. This company provides a communication platform that ertifies the safety of service robots' movement. Intelligent Systems Research Institute 28-Apr-10 31-Mar-15

2010-2 104 TES New Energy Co.[17-Mar-16 bankruptcy] TES NewEnergy brings you its modules/systems capable of directly converting heat-waste into electrical energy. Research Institute for Ubiquitous Energy Devices 1-Jun-10 14-Mar-14

2010-3 105 BURSEC Inc. BURSEC provides products and services applying its AIST invented leakage-resilient and phishing-tolerant technology. The core technology supports strong and robust credential/key management tools for cloud computing, ID-federation, SSO and embedded systems allowing for strong, multi-factor authentication accepting one short password for multiple services while preventing off-line dictionary attacks even after leakage of stored secrets. Research Center for Information Security 29-Jul-10 28-Jul-15

2010-4 106 SYUNZAI SOLUTIONS CO.,LTD We develop an e-commerce system for agricultural and fishery products, which realizes stable demand satisfaction based on the optimal resource allocation technology. Center for Service Research 1-Sep-10 14-Jun-12

2010-5 107 Flicker Health Management Corporation Flicker Health Management (FHM) Corp provides a service to monitor mental fatigue based on the quantitative evaluation of conscious flicker perception with a mobile application. Health Research Institute 30-Sep-10 29-Sep-15 interview12.html
2010-6 108 Wafer Integration Inc.[7-Jul-17 bankruptcy] Development of nano-prober for failure analysis of advanced semiconductor devices Nanoelectronics Research Institute 7-Feb-11 06-Feb-16

2011-1 109 Carrier Integration Inc. Carrier Integration Inc. produces and sells "Silicon Carrier", which is a silicon wafer processable by small wafers with existing semiconductor equipment. Nanoelectronics Research Institute 15-Jul-11 14-Jul-16

2011-2 110 FreqTime Corporation Research and development in the field of time and frequency standards, especially remote calibration system, and related services Metrology Institute of Japan 1-Dec-11 30-Nov-16

2011-3 111 ASULE Corp. We provide products and services for "Urban Space Information Support" such as content delivery system using indoor-outdoor seamless positioning, and remote caring system by mobile caring sensor and cloud for elderly persons. Social Intelligence Technology Research Laboratory 24-Feb-12 23-Feb-17

2011-4 112 HSP Technologies Inc. HSP Inc. develops and commercializes the new type of polymer nanocomposites using the high-shear processing technique. Nanosystem Research Institute 30-Mar-12 29-Mar-17 interview11.html
2012-1 113 Green Pyrolant Inc. Development puroduction and sales of Echofireworks Research Institute of Science for Safety and Sustainability 3-Sep-12 02-Sep-17

2012-2 114 Site Sensing Inc. Sensing and reporting on demographic data of shoppers and area visitors with the light system of a small camera and a PC. Human Technology Research Institute 1-Oct-12 30-Sep-17  interview07.html
2012-3 115 Lifesem Inc.[23-Apr-18 liquidation] Manufacturing and sales of "sample holders for SEM" Transmission imaging of live cell or virus is possible with special beem conversion films. Biomedical Research Institute 1-Oct-12 30-Sep-17   
2013-1 116 SCHAFT Inc.[13-Nov-13 mergers and acquisitions] Research, manufacture and sales of High-Power Life-Sized Humanoid Robots for replacing and supporting human jobs in extreme environments and on uneven surfaces. Digital Human Research Center 1-Jul-13 13-Nov-13

2013-2 117 KODO Lab Inc.[1-Jun-14 mergers and acquisitions] Measurement services for environments and human behaviors (position, orientation, and action) in indoor spaces, and development and maintenance services for 3D indoor modeling / indoor human tracking softwares Center for Service Research 1-Jul-13 01-Jun-14

2014-1 118 OhnaTech Inc. Manufacture and market the rotational rheometers which use technologies of AIST, the torque measurement system etc. Metrology Institute of Japan 1-Apr-14  

2014-2 119 MIRAISENS,Inc. To Research and develop the 3D-Haptics technology which bring about the touch, the softness, and the feeling of response pushed back, in the open space. Human Technology Research Institute 3-Apr-14   interview13.html
2014-3 120 Hmcomm Inc. We distribute "crowd sourcing service" and "cloud service" of the voice recognition system using product AIST original technology(Podcastle). Information Technology Research Institute 15-Aug-14   interview20.html
2014-4 121 LifeRobotics R.E.D Inc.[29-Jan-16 mergers and acquisitions] Research, manufacture and sales of mechanism in a narrow space. Intelligent Systems Research Institute 19-Dec-14  

2014-5 122 jTAS Inc.[3-Jul-17 Merges and Acquistions]
Health Research Institute 23-Jan-15 3-Jul-17 interview15.html
2014-6 123 TOKIWA-Bio Inc. R&D and manufacturing of iPS and reprogramming cells for regenerative medicine,and Drug discovery support to pharmaceutical companies in R&D and manufacturing. Research Center for Stem Cell Engineering 20-Mar-15   interview14.html
2015-1 124 Glycobiomarker Leading Innovation[10-Sep-18 liquidation] We provide unique methods of clinical diagnosis by using the desease related glycobiomarker discovery platform. Biotechnology Research Institute for Drug Discovery 1-Apr-15 10-Sep-18

2015-2 125 aRbot,Inc 1. Robot services business
2. Consulting on dependable software development
3. Promotion of service robots
Robot Innovation Research Center 1-May-15  

2015-3 126 The Institute of Robotic Biology Inc. The development, sales and maintenance of robot system, the peripheral devices and the software associated with the robot system for the total laboratory management system Molecular Profiling Research Center for Drug Discovery 6-Jul-15   interview16.html
2015-4 127 Idea Co.,Ltd. Develop the innovative instruments with our original optical heating techniques. Department of Energy and Environment Environmental Management Research Institute 2-Dec-15  

2015-5 128 Japan Infrastructure Measurement Co.,Ltd. Meaesurement of infrastructure. In particular, defelection measurement of bridges with Moiree method. Research Institute for Measurement and Analytical Instrumentation 15-Jan-16  

2015-6 129 MeSCue Inc. Cell processing of Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Cell therapy / Regenerative Medicine Department of Life Science and Biotechnology Biomedical Research Institute 7-Mar-16  

2016-1 130 Research Institute of Computational Thermodynamics,Inc. Development of software and databases for computational thermodynamics, and application studies and buisnesses Advanced Manufactiring Research Institute 19-May-16  

2016-2 131 Research Institute for Earth Science Visualization Technology Co.,Ltd. Research and development of the finely-detailed 3D geological model, and visualization techniques of geological information. Geological Survey of Japan 18-Aug-16  

2016-3 132 Mottainai Energy Co., Ltd. Development, design, manufacturing, marketing and consulting of thermoelectric materials, modules and application products Research Institute for Energy Conservation 18-Aug-16  

2016-4 133 FONScure Co., Ltd.[26-Oct-17 liquidation] The development of “innovative DDS peptide” to target the Unmet Medical Needs. Biotechnology Research Institute for Drug Discovery 4-Nov-16 26-Oct-17

2017-1 134 Minimal Fab Promoting Organization   Nanoelectronics Research Institute 25-Apr-17      
2017-2 135 Peace and Passion Inc. An innovative tool and platform for shopping and trading. In the platform, purchasers can easily purchase what suits them and sellers can get a lot of prospective customers. (Marketing Design) Human Informatics Research Institute 25-May-17      
2017-3 136 KAUL-Tech Co., Ltd. KAUL-Tech is committed to produce prime and premium brand of Ashwagandha enriched with active ingredients for various research purposes including cancer medicine, functional food and cosmetics. Biomedical Research Institute 29-Aug-17      
2017-4 137 AirMembrane Corporation Development and manufacturing of products made from graphene and related two-dimensional materials. Nanomaterials Research Institute 4-Oct-17      
2017-5 138 Mel-Frontier, Ltd. Research and development, manufactures, and sales of biodegradable medical devices with magnesium alloys and processing technologies developed by AIST Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute 5-Oct-17      
2018-1 139 SteraVision Corporation Research & development, manufacture and sales of Optical Steering Devices, applied security sensors and Lidar systems for FA & Industrial Instruments. Electronics and Photonics Research Institute 1-Apr-18      
2018-2 140 SICIUM Inc. Electronics and Photonics Research Institute Molecular Profiling Research Center for Drug Discovery 4-Apr-18      
2018-3 141 ProteoBridge Corporation We provide new research designs for both of (i) diagnosis including antibody analysis in patient serum and (ii) drug discovery including biomarker discovery and compound screening by using our arrays having comprehensive human proteins. Molecular Profiling Research Center for Drug Discovery 25-Apr-18      
2018-4 142 Indent Probe Technology Inc. To provide entrusted measurement service for material mechanical characteristic analysis. To arrange measurement support service. To sell Microscopic Observation Indenter system enabling quick and accurate measurement of mechanical characteristic analysis for various materials. Structural Materials Research Institute 25-Apr-18      
2018-5 143 LEAG Solutions Corporation Software sales for application and diffusion of high-accuracy marker technologies. Robot Innovation Research Center 20-Jun-18      
2018-6 144 AnexAPep Inc. Development of peptide-drug-conjugate for treating brain tumor and other cancers. Biotechnology research institute for drug discovery 6-Dec-18      


Innovation Center for Technology Transfer and Startups(ICTES)

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