Group Introductions

Stress Signal Research Group

Research Outline

We are carrying out the following research.

1) Development of a monitoring system for emotional and physical healthiness

  • Development of an objective rating method for emotional fatigue strength based on oxidative stress biomarkers
  • Development of an immunological assay system for oxidative stress biomarkers
  • Investigation of the effects of vitamin E and other various functional reagents on the oxidative stress response

2) Development of bio-chips for biomarkers in lifestyle and psychosomatic diseases

  • Development of centrifugal and electrophoretic Lab-on a Chip equipment
  • Development of technology to control physical properties of the surface, and on-chip integration of measurement systems
  • Basic and generic research for downsizing of evaluation instrument
  • Construction of novel assay methods utilizing biological function

3) Application of novel nano materials to the stress signal research

  • Protein engineering to develop next-generation antibodies
  • Development of protein-based bio-materials for interface control

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