Group Introductions

Living Informatics Research Group

Research Outline

We develop techniques that enhance the comfortability and safety of living environments. More specifically, we are developing technology that provides custom-made services and devices based on the measurements and analyses of human perception, cognition and behavior to create products and living environments, which are highly compatible with the physiological, cognitive, and behavioral characteristics of humans.

Our specific aims include:

  • Development of non-invasive techniques to precisely visualize neural dynamics in the brain to understand neural mechanisms underlying the human cognition, language and memory systems, which are to be used to sophisticate evaluation and diagnosis of higher-order brain functions.
  • Development of an auditory prosthesis based on the ultrasonic bone-conduction for deaf individuals. We are now especially working on enhancing intelligibility and comfortability in applying the bone-conducted ultrasonic (BCU) hearing aid on profoundly deaf population.
  • Development of a technique to continuously monitor the changes in mental conditions based on the physiological measurements in daily life.
  • Research on human perception of virtual three-dimensional environments using the immersive virtual reality display system to elucidate dynamic changes in human 3-D perception and to develop techniques to evaluate comfortability and safety of virtual 3-D environments

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