Group Introductions

Tissue Engineering Research Group

Research Outline

We have so far performed clinical studies of regenerative medicine of no less than the 100 leading cases in Japan using mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) derived from bone marrow. Although the most were local transplants with autologous cells, in recent years, allogenic cells came to be generally transplanted to the patients suffering from congenital bone disease. As a result, very remarkable effect is achieved, without side effects like before. Thus, we are going to extend this safe and effective MSC therapy also to other diseases.In addition, these cells for regenerative medicine are now manufactured in our cell processing center (CPC) which maintains a very high cleanliness. However, it has the problems such as the cost only in the large manufacturing facility, and we are developing the new system which will replace CPC in future.

Besides these clinical-oriented applied researches, we are also actively engaged in basic research. One is the research in the reciprocal control between cell adhesion and cell surface morphology, which will lead to elucidate molecular mechanisms of various pathophysiological adhesion-related phenomena and contribute for development of novel therapeutics. Another is in vivo high resolution imaging for medaka as new laboratory animals to research lymphatic vessel regeneration, and is an attempt to develop disease models.

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