Group Introductions

Health Hazards Reduction Research Group

Research Outline

We aim to develop basic technology for health hazards reduction by selective and specific methods. Health hazards in living environment are classified as their size including chemical substances and microorganisms. It is important to develop basic technology for removing and / or detoxificating the hazards even in very small amounts. Some of anions are selectively removed by ion selective adsorbents which are developed in our laboratory with the highest performance in the world. Some of microorganisms are specifically detoxificated by new methods.

We have been researching following theme using chemical, physical and biological approach

  • Development of high performance ion selective sensor using inorganic ion exchanger.
  • Development of high performance ion selective adsorbents for harmful oxo-anions; bromate ion (BrO3¯), perchlorate ion (ClO4¯), and so on.
  • Development for health hazards reduction using algae and their effective usage.

We are integrating these elemental techniques and strengthening relationship with other researchers. We will contribute to “Green Inovations”, “Life Inovations”, and “World-Leading Inovations” through “Securing safety water technology” and “Recycle technique for Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium fertilizer”

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