Group Introductions

Biodevice Research Group

Research Outline

Key Words: Mieruka, biodevice, laser precision microfabrication, ELISA, micro chip, POCT, injector

In order to visualize the health status of human, we aim to develop novel devices that enable the diagnosis of physical and mental conditions. We focused on the development of a POCT (Point Of Care Testing) device for the quantitative and frequent measurement of multi-biomarker in blood samples. To achieve easy operation, higher throughput, enough information and reasonable testing cost, simultaneously, we have developed a single-channel multiple immunoassay technology. It is the combination of a laser precision microfabrication, an inkjet-based antibody immobilization, a cover film and the sandwich ELISA techniques. Since multiple detectors are made in a single channel, our chip is able to detect various biomarkers simultaneously.

[Laser precision microfabrication]

We use various lasers to process the chips. The laser processes and additional process such as etching in an organic solution have been optimized for plastic chips. The laser process enabled rapid and flexible fabrication of experimental chips.

[Inkjet-based immobilization]

We are developing an injector driven by piezoelectric actuator for antigen immobilization under collaboration with CLUSTER TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD. The injector has enabled the formation of an antibody dot on the bottom surface of a micro groove. This is one of the key technologies for our single-channel multiple immunoassay chips.

[Cover film]

To realize a cost effective process for the chips, we are developing a cover film with adhesive layer that is stable enough for the application under collaboration with TOYO INK MFG. CO. LTD.

[And more…]

A drop-on-demand injector driven by a pulsed laser is our novel device for biological applications. It has a very simple structure and, hence, it is applicable even to the part of a disposable chip. Further, its no-buffer design dramatically decreased the least sample volume for ejection expanding the application of inkjet process.

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