Group Introductions

Artificial Cell Research Group

Research Outline

Because of coming of aging society, much demand on new technologies on medical and welfare devices increases. In this group, we study polymer-based actuators in order to apply them to medical and welfare devices. The polymer actuators can be applied to a human friendly machine, since light and soft polymer actuators are very safety for human. We have developed the polymer actuators utilizing our own technology of conjugating polymer gels and metal, which show large motion in response to the electrical field. We have also developed actuators with the gel electrodes that are made of carbon nanotube and ionic-liquid, which work at low applied voltage and in the dry environment.

We collaborate with several other research institutes in order to apply those actuators for various medical devices, welfare devices, bio-mimetic robots, etc. Recently, we have developed very thin and light Braille display that can be used everywhere by persons of visual defect. At the same time, we study the basic mechanism of the energy transformation that occurs in the actuators, in order to improve the performance of the actuators and to find new principles that enable effective energy transformation, using synthetic chemical, physicochemical, electrochemical, and computational techniques. Through these efforts, we will be developing artificial muscle-like actuators that have high power density, light weight, soundless, durability, and applying new developing actuators to innovative medical and welfare devices.

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