Interface Material Research Group

Research Outline

In order to develop new functional materials and interfaces, the interface-phenomena are studied by structure observation of surfaces at the molecular level.
It is known that the interface-phenomenon is induced by molecular interactions, and cell-membrane function is one of the interface-phenomena. In our group, the interface-phenomena are studied with structure observation at the molecular level to develop functional materials and interface.

1. Development of Functional Materials

On the basis of knowledge obtained by the interface-phenomena study, functional molecules are designed and synthesized.
nonspecific adsorption resistant materials, protein immobilization materials, probe materials for modified surface analysis, lectin recognition materials
protein visualizing molecular probes

2. Development of Interface Fabrication Methods

The interface fabrication method in order at molecular level is studied by comparison of surface images obtained with AFM and STM.
Antigen-Antibody Reaction Surface(pictorial diagram)
Lectin Recognition Surface(pictorial diagram)

3. Observation of Interface

The knowledge for molecular design and interface fabrication is collected by observation of interface structure at molecular level with AFM and STM.
Observation of Bacteriorhodopsin Trimer 2D Crystal by FM-AFM
Observation of HOPG Surface Modified with Ferrocene Diazonium Derivatives by STM

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