Biomarker Analysis Research Group

Research Outline

Application of microchip electrophoresis for biological analysis
Development of sandwich ELISA on microchip Rapid and highly sensitive detection of malaria-infected erythrocytes
Biomarkers in humoris provide important information on the physiopathological status of biological tissue. Measurement of biomarkers is crucial in the diagnosis and effective treatment for many diseases. Convenient, sensitive, and accurate methods for the measurement of biomarkers are thus required.

We utilize the microchip technology for the biomarker analysis. We had demonstrated the possible applications of microchip electrophoresis using plastic chips for monitoring blood glucose levels and amylase activity. For the quantitative measurement of proteins in humoris, we constructed the analysis system based on antigen-antibody reaction on microchannel surface in the plastic chip. Furthermore, we employed a cell microarray chip for the detection of malaria-infected erythrocytes. Rapid and high-sensitive detection of malaria-infected erythrocytes was succeeded with easy handling. Overall, we could demonstrate the potential of microchip technology for the clinical diagnosis.

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