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Research Outline

Centrifugal blood pump with hydrodynamic bearing
Our group has been developing centrifugal blood pumps with hydrodynamic bearing for extracorporeal circulation to save severe heart failure patients (Fig.1).
Computational fluid dynamic analysis about the effect of impeller cutout on the shear stress
We optimize the clearance gap at the bearing to produce an extracorporeal circulation pump for long time use. Blood flow analysis and thrombosis in the pump are also important. We design the flow path of the impeller to avoid high shear stress in silico (Fig.2), and obtain the relationship between shear stress and thrombosis in vitro (Fig.3).
Relationship between shear rate (stress) and thrombosis at various ACTs.
Recently, optical real-time monitoring system for thrombosis in the pump is receiving a lot of attention for safety extracorporeal circulation (Fig.4).
Ultrasound theranostic devices
Ultrasound theranostic devices
Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) is applied to the detection of the thrombi, this new method reach to avoid the complication for thrombosis. Moreover, we are also elucidating structural analysis and mechanical properties based on regenerative medicine (Fig.5).

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