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Director,Yoshiro Tatsu
An international population explosion brings with it an exhaustion of food, water and resources. With the progressive warming of the earth itself, a sudden rise in the risk of global-scale companies has been predicted. On one hand our country has a dwindling birthrate and an aging population, and with the gradual lengthening of life it’s not just the declining proportion of workforce, it is also the fact that there has been a surge in heart disease and lifestyle diseases characteristic of modern society. The greatest challenge for mankind is the accomplishment of health and longevity. Health is not simply a condition free of physical illness; it is the will to live, and feeling occasionally happy while living one’s life. For that reason the importance of encouraging technological developments as well as health related industries that have to do with health maintenance has been emphasized in integrated science technology meetings and by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Also, on the 30th of December in 2009, a cabinet decision made for a “new growth strategy” (a fundamental policy) was put in place for the industry growth of medical care, nursing and health related industries.
We aim at contributing to human health and quality of life for the sustainable development society. We integrate various fields of science and engineering, and develop human-compatible technologies.
We have three priority research subjects, 1) medical devices and regulatory science, 2) bio-devices for visualization of health conditions, and 3) measurement and characterization of factors that affect human health. We also collaborate with academia and industry to promote technology transfer.
We have research bases in Tsukuba and Takamatsu, and contribute to health innovation in each region.

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