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Year of 2021

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Year of 2020

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  • May.11
    1st Prize, IEEE LifeTech 2020 Excellent Paper Award: Keiko Homma, Kiyoshi Fujiwara, Takuya Ogure and Isamu Kajitani:
    "Development of Contact Safety Test Procedure for Defecation Assistance Devices",
    IEEE LifeTech 2020
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Year of 2019

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  • Sep.13
    Best Paper Award Silver:
    Ronan Gaugne, Quentin Petit, Mai Otsuki, Valerie Gouranton:
    "Evaluation of a Mixed Reality based Method for Archaeological Excavation Support",
  • Best Paper Award Silver
  • Human Augmentation Research Center Web Site Open

Year of 2018

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  • Human Augmentation Research Center Established
Message from the director

Human augmentation is a system to be attached to human, in order to enhance and empower human functions. With a broad sense, microscopes and telescopes are a part of human augmentation technologies, whereas Human Augmentation Research Center (HARC) focuses on a wearable and/or invisible system based on information-communication technologies and robotic technologies. Using human augmentation system, human functions are enhanced and empowered temporarily. Moreover, we aim for researches to augment biological human functions through a long period use of the system. HARC challenges to launch a new industry based on human augmentation technologies towards "Society 5.0."

Namely, the mission of HARC is to develop human augmentation technologies for maintenance and enhancement of human functions (physical, emotional and communicational functions), improvement quality of life, reduction of social costs and development of industries (knowledge intensive business services relevant to daily living). The following inter-disciplinary researchers joined to HARC to carry out the mission; flexible sensing technologies, robotics, biomechanics, ergonomics, psychology, service engineering and design.

HARC is located at AIST Kashiwa Center (c/o Kashiwa II Campus, University of Tokyo). We cooperate closely with University of Tokyo, Chiba University and National Cancer Center Japan that are located in Kashiwanoha. Here, Kashiwanoha region is a newly developed town including residential areas and shopping malls. HARC is pushing through social implementation of new service businesses based on human augmentation technologies through enlisting cooperation with residents in Kashiwanoha and a real estate company that developed Kashiwanoha.

Mochimaru Face

Director of Human Augmentation Research Center