National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)


National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)


¦UPDATA 28-Jan-2019

Organizational Tree


Director Masaaki Mochimaru
Deputy Director Yoichi Motomura
Permanent Research Scientist Takeshi Takenaka
Officer Koji ItobSatoshi Kawakatsu
Technical Staffs Tomoyo Goto
Assistant Hitomi Itoigawa | Ritsuko Iitsuka | Sachiyo Tsunaki
Human-Behavior Sensing and Visualization Research Team
Leader Takeshi Kurata
Permanent Research Scientist Masakatsu KourogibMasaki OnishibMitsutaka Matsumoto
Takashi-okumabYasushi Kodaka
Post-Doctorel Scientist Keishun ChoubKeisuke OkunobRyosuke IchikaribThangamani KalaivanibTomohiro Fukuhara
Technical Staffs Atsuyoshi KushidabMotoi OkuzonobSeiya@FurukawabYutaro Ikeda
Data Based Modeling Research Team
Leader Yoichi Motomura
Permanent Research Scientist Eiichi Sakurai
Technical Staffs Aki Miyamoto bDeng ShangKunbMakoto YoshidabMasahiro@Muto@bNoriaki HirokawabShinichiro Yamashita
Service Process Modeling Research Team
Leader Takuichi Nishimura
Permanent Research Scientist Hiroyasu MiwabKenichiro Fukuda |Kentarou Watanabe| Kohzoh Yoshino | YoshinobuYamamoto
Technical Staffs Kazuo Barada | Hiroko Yamada | Satoko Okubo | Tomoka Nagao
Service Design Assist Research Team
Leader Itsuki@Noda
Permanent Research Scientist Ikushi YodabKazuo MiyashitabTomohisa Yamashita
Post-Doctorel Scientist hiroyasu.matsushimabJunichi OchiaibJunpei Tsuji
Technical Staffs Kazuki GotoubKeiichiro IzunobHayafumi WatanabebMasahiro Miyachi
Urban Space Service Architecture Research Team
Leader Koichi Kurumatani
Permanent Research Scientist Akio SashimabMitsuru Kawamotob
Technical Staffs Hiroaki TogashibHiroyuki KomiyamabTakeshi@IkedabTakeshi NagatomobYukiko Umebayashi

Emeritus Advisor

Takeshi Shimmura
Associate Members Koichiro EtobMotoyuki Akamatsub

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