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Greetings from Dr. YOSHINO Akira (Director, GZR, AIST)

photo: Director

"Environment Innovation Strategy" was set up by the Government of Japan in 2020 as the fundamental policy to resolve the environmental issues of our planet Earth. With this strategy, it aims to establish innovative technology to enable the world-wide carbon neutral, and further, to reduce the stock-based CO2 accumulated in the past to "Beyond Zero" by 2050.

Global Zero Emission Research Center, established by AIST: National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, bears significant responsibility to create innovation to realize this fundamental policy of Japan. The global environmental issues are among the severest difficulties the humankind has ever confronted to this day. It should be impossible to solve by a single technology only. Various technologies have to be integrated to pave ways to convert the so far impossible to the possible.

While global environmental issues are being discussed, with new technologies such as AI, IoT, 5G, an innovation that should be called the Fourth Industrial Revolution is arising. It has brought changes that things so far impossible are now quite easily possible. Such novel technologies should be no doubt linked with the global environmental issues and serve as powerful arms for the solution.

By now AIST has advanced numerous researches that could lead to the "Zero Emission" in the future. We first assemble such research themes to this Center and combine them with synergic methods to create research results. For this purpose, we plan to integrate extensive range of technologies in good collaboration with other organizations, both domestic and overseas.

To achieve a truly sustainable society, a corporation system that transcends institutional frameworks and also national frameworks would be essential. It is my sincere hope to invite the best human intelligence to this Research Center serving as the hub, to resolve together the global environment issues common to all humankind.

March 2020
Director, Global Zero Emission Research Center, AIST

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June 1, 2020
Organization page updated
March 24, 2020
GZR Website launched


Global Zero Emission Research Center

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