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Institute for Geo-Resources and Environment (GREEN)

Overview and Mission of GREEN

The mission of the Institute for Geo-Resources and Environment is to contribute to the sustainable development and betterment of human society through research into the conservation and wise use of the geosphere and the sustainable and stable exploitation of geo-resources such as fuels, minerals and water, and through the building of an intellectual infrastructure in this field.

To accomplish this mission, we have recruited researchers from various disciplines including geology, geochemistry, geophysics, resource engineering and hydrogeology to conduct research and development mainly in the following areas: simulation of the circulation of water, heat and chemical substances within the geosphere; elucidation of the groundwater environment; the exploration and evaluation of amounts of mineral, natural gas, geothermal energy and other natural resources; CO2 geological storage; assessment of soil contamination and other geoenvironmental risks; and assessment of environments for geological nuclear waste disposal.

We also conduct research into the mechanisms by which substances circulate and accumulate within the geosphere, and we publish our findings as databases, geoscience maps and various other materials related to hydrological environments, geothermal resources, mineral resources, fuel resources and soil contamination to contribute to the intellectual infrastructure in these fields.

From April 2007, our Integrated Geology Research Group and Experimental Geoscience Research Group, which both conducted research to support geological disposal safety regulations, were combined to create a structure for the implementation of wide aspects of geological disposal research. In July, we also launched Geo-Environmental Systems Research Group.