Personal History

Tatsuo Hasegawa

Professor, Univ. Tokyo

Principal Research Manager, FLEC-AIST

Curriculum Vitae

  1. Professor, 2014.1-present, Department of Applied Physics, The University of Tokyo, and
    Principal Research Manager, 2014.1-present, Flexible Electronics Research Center (FLEC), AIST
  2. Deputy Director, 2011.4-present, Flexible Electronics Research Center (FLEC) , AIST
  3. Group Leader, 2008.4-2011.3, Correlated Materials Photoelectronics Group, Photonics Research Institute (PRI), AIST
  4. Team Leader (2004.4-2008.3) & Senior Research Scientist (2003.3-2008.3), Correlated Electron Research Center (CERC), AIST, Japan
  5. Visiting Researcher, 2001.11-2002.8, Solid State Physics Laboratory, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  6. Associate Professor, 1997.9-2003.2, Research Institute for Electronic Science, Hokkaido University, Japan
  7. Research Associate, 1992.1-1997.2, The University of Tokyo, Japan
  8. Ph. D., 1988.4-1991.12, Department of Applied Physics, The University of Tokyo, Japan

Research Area

Condensed Matter Physics & Organic Electronics

Research Achievements

  • Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy on One-Dimensional Excitons in Conjugated Polymers (Publication 1-6)
  • Development, Superconductivity, and Electronic Phase Transistions in New Donor-Acceptor Type Compounds (Publication 7-14,16,17,27)
  • Research on Organic Electronics Using Correlated Electron Materials (Publication 11,15,18-26,28,29)


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