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Photonics Systems Group

Group Outline and Primary Goal

We promote research and development of dynamic optical path network, that increases energy efficiency of the Internet by more than 1,000 times and that will surely be fundamental to the future information technology.
Leading VICTORIES (Vertically Integrated Center for Technologies of Optical Routing toward Ideal Energy Savings) sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, we strongly advance the research of optical and quantum transmission technology, wavelength cross connect technology, and optical path network control technology. Thus we contribute to create an entirely new technology which can handle a massive amount of data on networks with significantly lower energy consumption. We also pursue research on the innovative technologies such as tele-coexistence by ultra-high-definition real-time video data, and a new computing technology for big data processing through networks.

Key Themes of Research

  • Optical and quantum transmission technologies utilizing optical parametric processes
  • Development of multiple input and output large scale wavelength cross-connects
  • Study of dynamic optical path network using a large scale test bed

Fig.1  10-dB nonlinear threshold increase in 12 Gbaud 16QAM WDM transmission.


Fig.2  NxN-wavelength cross-connection board for fiber arrays

Fig.3  Test bed of a dynamic optical path network with a capacity of 90 Tbps.

Fig.4  A remote music session with 8K Super Hi-Vision between Tokyo and Tsukuba using the test bed.

Our Technologies and Equipment

  • Optical and quantum signal processing based on nonlinear and quantum optics
  • Digital coherent transmission technologies exploiting advanced modulation formats
  • Multi-port wavelength cross-connect based on the original beam steering technique
  • Design and operation of dynamic optical path network with a capacity of 90 Tbps and energy consumption of 6 kW


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