Optical Information Technology

Breaking the fundamental limit of optical communication: from optical interconnection to optical path networks
Photoinduced Processing Technology

Pursuing ultra-short pulsed light and plasma generation technologies, and seeking its application
Emerging Electronics

Creation of innovative electronics and photonics technology: from exploring functional materials to developing energy-saving devices

Latest News

April 1,2020
Due to the reorganization of AIST, this website of Electronics and Photonics Research Institute terminated as of April 01,2020. We continue to inform you of our activity at Research Institute for Advanced Electronics and Photonics here.
April 1,2020
Electronics and Research Institute changes its name to Research Institute for Advanced Electronics and Photonics. Oxide Electronics Group is also renamed Oxide Electronics and Materials Group.
January 29,2020
Yue Youfeng of Molecular Assembly Group, and Yasuo Norikane, a head of Molecular Assembly Group, have developed a simple method for synthesizing single-crystal gold nanomaterials using bilayer membranes as a template, which is formed by self-assembly of a succinic acid derivative. This finding was published in "Nature Communications" on Feb.29 2020.
December 20,2019
We hosted the 9th annual ESPRIT Symposium at Akihabara UDX Conference. Thank you very much for coming to our symposium.
October 14,2019
Kazuhiro Ikeda, Group Leader of Photonics Systems Group was granted Special Recognition by World Cultural Council (WCC). The photo of the ceremony and the detailed article are shown below.
September 21,2019
Chief Researcher Toshihide Ide was awarded Paper Award at the 80th JSAP Autumn Meeting 2019. The title of the paper is "Development of plasma-on-chip: Plasma treatment for individual cells cultured in media"



Kazuhiro Ikeda, Group Leader of Photonics Systems Group was awarded Special Recoginition at Would Cultural Council (WCC).
The World Cultural Council (WCC) and the University of Tsukuba hosted the 36th WCC Award Ceremony from October 3 to 4, 2019. Kazuhiro Ikeda, Group Leader of Photonics Systems Group was awarded WCC Special Recognition along with several outstanding Japanese scholars.
The World Cultural Council is a non-profit international organization and its goal is to promote culture, values and goodwill all over the world.

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