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Director's Greetings

Information process device and information network have become essential to our society. They are nowadays considered very basic structure of society the same way as, for instance, electricity and traffic network.
For information process to function well in the devices and network, electron plays the most important role, whereas both electron and light make information network enable around the globe. Our network-based information society would never exist without electron and light.

Electronics and Photonics Research Institute promotes research and development for a new possibility of electronics and photonics by which the performance of information and communication technology will be maximized. We actively advance the research of information processing, information transmission, information recording, sensor, and display. We also pursue research on technology of superconducting electronics and ultrashort pulse laser, as well as healthcare technology and manufacturing technology with our full knowledge of electronics and photonics.

Our three core research areas are: Optical Information and Communication Technology where optical transmission is explored, Photoinduced Process and Optical Sensing where we deal with manufacturing technology with optical sensing, pulsed light and plasma, and Emerging Electronics for the basic and advanced research of emerging materials.

The ultimate goal of Electronics and Photonics Research Institute is, through partnerships with industry, academia, and government, to create an entirely new field of leading-edge technology combining electronics and photonics, and thus we will serve to build a safe, enriched and sustainable society where people throughout the world can live harmonious life with the most advanced technology.

Masahiko Mori
Director of Electronics and Photonics Research Institute

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Masahiko Mori

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