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Interfacial Molecular Systems Group

 To develop novel materials & processing for chemical process innovation, our research focus on functional surfactants, polymers, and their molecular assembled materials such as “nanodisc” and “nanometal” particles.

Main Research Subjects

1. Development of Nanodiscs

A new class of disk-like particle “nanodisc” has been developed using peptide-based surfactants. Nanodiscs act as effective stabilizers for active ingredients in drug, food, and cosmetic products. They are easily prepared without using any additives and their size can be controllable.

2. Development of Metallosurfactants

We have design and synthesis of metallosurfactants that enable to form metallic interface between different phases. Due to their self-assembling ability, they facilitate to form “nanometal” particles (e.g., gold, silver, and palladium). We are expecting that they are applicable to aqueous catalysis and antimicrobial agents.

Leader Akira MIYAZAWA