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Compact System Engineering Group

 Our group investigates separation, chemical reaction, and material synthesis technologies utilizing novel reaction and separation media (e.g., high-pressure CO2, ionic liquid, and stimuli-responsive solvent) toward establishment of environmentally- friendly and energy-saving chemical processes. Furthermore, we pursue the design of advanced engineering elements such as microdevices and flow reactors.

Main Research Subjects

1. Continuous chemical reaction and extraction technologies for specialty chemicals

Our group successfully extracted the essential components of drugs and electronics materials, quickly in the high yields using the high-pressure CO2 and temperature-responsive phase-separation solvents. We also synthesized the ionic liquid that facilitates the esterification reaction beyond chemical equilibrium through phase separation of the products. Furthermore, we investigate the micromixing and fluid controlling devices to speed up the reaction and extraction processes.

Continuous extraction process using the high-pressure CO2 Temperature-responsive phase-separation solvent for extraction


Esterification reaction beyond chemical equilibrium Slug flow generated with the fluid
controlling device

2. CO2 separation technologies using low-volatile solvents

We developed the new separation media using the low-volatile solvents such as ionic liquids, and unique high-pressure devices for in-situ measurements and analyses. These media include, for example, the absorbent for the energy-saving CO2 absorption separation, and the superior CO2 separation membrane to the conventional polymer membranes.

High-pressure differential calorimeter CO2 separation membrane using the ionic liquid

Leader Takashi MAKINO