Greetings from the Chairperson

Takeo EBINA, Ph.D.

In 2003, full efforts at study were begun on sheets fabricated mainly from clay at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). We have discovered that films using bentonite clay, which is abundant in the Tohoku district, can seal hydrogen at elevated temperatures that are too high for conventional materials. Since then, we have conducted many studies of raw materials, film-forming methods, processing methods, and applications. Now, exploitation by many research organizations and enterprises has been progressing energetically.

However, various subjects remain to be overcome for the actual use of clay films as a general purpose material. This challenge requires further cooperation among many research organizations and enterprises. We, Clayteam, a consortium of the AIST, will accelerate and implement material exploitation specialized in clay films and inorganic nanoscale materials, through concentration of "Monodzukuri" science and wisdom in various scientific and industrial fields, through activities such as information sharing, sample supply, feasibility study, technical assistance, product development, and cooperative coordination in multiple organizations.

We welcome researchers and enterprises who wish to join Clayteam at any time. Please feel free to contact the secretariat if you have an interest in our team.
Clayteam positively discloses information. Please look forward to our new step up to achieve a sustainable society.
September, 2010

Takeo Ebina, Ph.D.
Clayteam Chairperson