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Dynamic Pharmaco-Modality Research Group


Project1:Dynamic structure based drug development utilizing various pharmaco-modalities
Researcher:Koh Takeuchi, Yuji Tokunaga, Masahiko Imashimizu

We will develop strategy to expand the potential of pharmaceuticals by utilizing various pharmaco-modalities. Utilizing solution NMR as the primary research technique, we would develop strategies to non-invasively analyze the high order structures of biomedicines, improve the function of middle size bioactive, and dynamically optimize the small molecular weight lead compounds etc.

Dynamic Pharmaco-Modality Research Group02


Project2:Theoretical platform for dynamic molecular recognition of novel pharmaceutical and medical modalities
Researcher:Yoshifumi Fukunishi

The novel modalities exert their activity not only by their static 3D structures, but also through their dynamics. However, theoretical and computational platform for such dynamic molecular recognition have not been developed. With our open-source software suit for structure-guided drug discovery, myPresto, we will elucidate the dynamic molecular-interaction mechanism of biomolecules that regulate life activity.

Dynamic Pharmaco-Modality Research Group03


Project3:Dynamic bio-profiling and automation of bio-experiments
Researcher:Shungo Adachi, Katsuo Mogi, Fumio Maeda

We will develop three key modalities (1) dynamic bio-profiling technology to understand the state of individuals from the analysis of thousands of biomolecules in blood and cells, using mass spectrometry and proximity extension techniques. The effort will eventually predict the future state of individuals. (2) Experimental automation technologies for long-term cell culture, EWOD droplet manipulation, and cloud robotics, to improve the efficiency of biological research. (3) Novel virus modality to intervene in cells using their unique abilities.

Dynamic Pharmaco-Modality Research Group04


Project4:Analysis platform for epigenetics and proteomics for understanding cell state
Researcher:Shin Kobayashi, Eriko Fukuda

Dynamic cellular events that is beyond genetic encodings, such as epigenetics, post-translation modification, and intermolecular protein interaction, play critical roles in dictating cellular functions. Taking advantage of the technologies such as i) live imaging of epigenetic state, using Momiji system, and ii) molecular interaction analysis using protein arrays that cover 80% of human proteome, we study the dynamics of cell state and promote research that will lead to the understanding of organisms and drug discovery.

Dynamic Pharmaco-Modality Research Group05


Name Position
TAKEUCHI Koh Research Group Leader
FUKUNISHI Yoshifumi Senior Researcher
ADACHI Shungo Senior Researcher
KOBAYASHI Shin Senior Researcher
IMASHIMIZU Masahiko Senior Researcher
TOKUNAGA Yuji Senior Researcher
MOGI Katsuo Senior Researcher
FUKUDA Eriko Researcher
MAEDA Fumio Researcher


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