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Jan. 16 (Wed) - Jan. 18 (Fri), 2019

Thank you for attending CSW2019!

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Fundamental electronic structure theory and its extensions to treat molecular dynamics, excited states, and statistical physics play a crucial role in materials science, providing the foundation for highly predictable computer simulations. Accordingly, the Computational Sciences Workshop 2019 (CSW2019) will focus mainly on this key issue. World-leading experts in this field will give plenary talks providing their cutting-edge results and insights. Beyond this central focus, invited and contributed talks and posters will be given covering a wide area of computational science, including electronic structure calculations, ground-state and excited-state molecular dynamics, coarse-grained molecular dynamics, fluid dynamics, and solid mechanics. We hope that this workshop will stimulate ideas and deepen our understanding of how to enhance the predictive power of computer simulations and share its important benefits for expanding the breadth of materials of both academic and industrial interests.

Chair, Yoshihiro Asai (Director)
Co-chair, Yoshiyuki Miyamoto (Chief Senior Researcher)