While materials informatics with some help from data science and information science provides us new opportunities for solving the long standing problem of the material design, theoretical and methodological developments improving computer simulation reliability and expanding its application targets will become more important than ever in order to achieve the real purpose of designing materials. In this circumstance, we reboot Computational Sciences Workshop (CSW) after a break of a decade. CSW is a series workshop that was hosted by the computational sciences group in AIST. In this new version of CSW, we welcome not only computational sciences presentations including theories, methodologies, multi-scale schemes and applications but also presentations from data science, information science and discrete mathematics. While primary importance will be put on computational sciences, every aspect that leads to theoretical and computational material design will become important subjects of discussion in this workshop. We strongly invite you to join.

Yoshihiro Asai 


Yoshihiro Asai 
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST),
Director of Research Center for Computational Design of Advanced Functional Materials (CD-FMat)
Takeshi Aoyagi
Principal Research Manager of CD-FMat

Local Organizers:

Shoji Ishibashi
Junichi Matsumoto
Yoshiyuki Miyamoto
Takehide Miyazaki
Hiroshi Morita
Minoru Otani
Yukihiro Shimoi