(This is a temporary English version of our homepage. For details of our research, please see the members' websites linked below.) We aim to combine the strengths of Waseda University and AIST in biological big data research, to understand the mechanisms of life as a system, clarify disease mechanisms and ultimately contribute to personalized medicine. Moreover, by constructing an industry-academia-government network, we aim at building a "bridge" to practical applications, by strengthening basic research and developing world-leading life information analysis technology. (This is a temporary English version of our website; for details of our research, please see the members' sites linked below.)


 CBBD-OIL フォーラムでは、関係する製薬・食品・健康産業の現場で必要としているニーズを抽出しながら、生命系データの情報解析技術の産業界への橋渡しを目的としています。フォーラム参画企業には、オープンラボによる技術・研究相談、および派遣された研究員への技術指導、技術コンサルティングなどを行います。また、技術のベストマッチングを模索し、必要に応じてNDAを締結の上、共同研究を行います。

CBBD-OIL lab head Haruko TAKEYAMA (Waseda University) ラボ長挨拶

CBBD-OIL deputy lab head Sachiyo ABURATANI (AIST)
CBBD-OIL innovation coordinator 新間 陽一 (AIST)

Sequence analysis algorithms group

Group leader  Michiaki HAMADA (Waseda University)
Group member Kana SHIMIZU (Waseda University)
Group member Martin FRITH (AIST & University of Tokyo)
Group member Yutaka SAITO (AIST)

Systems biology group

Group leader  Daisuke TOMINAGA
Group member Hisashi ANBUTSU (AIST)
Group member Toshio OHSHIMA (Waseda University)
Group member Haruko TAKEYAMA (Waseda University)
Group member Sachiyo ABURATANI (AIST)

Waseda University

事務オフィス〒169-0072 東京都新宿区大久保3丁目4-1 早稲田大学西早稲田キャンパス 63号館520号室