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Glycomedicine Technology Research Center

List of awards received.


Date 2015/3/18
Award AIST President Award 2014 (Full Research)
Honoree Narimatsu H, Kuno A, Kaji H, Togayachi A, Sato T, Ikehara Y (currently Research Institute of Biomedical Science, AIST), Gotoh M (currently Research Planning Office for Life Science, AIST)
Title Development of liver disease glycobiomarker
AIST President Award 2014 (Full ResearchCommemorative photograph
Date 2015/1/10
Award The JBC's Best of the Year 2014 of The Journal of Biological Chemistry
Honoree Saito F, Suyama A, Oka T, Yoko-O T, Matsuoka K, Jigami Y, Shimma Y
Title Identification of Novel Peptidyl Serine α-Galactosyltransferase Gene Family in Plants