The Human Disease Glycomics/Proteome Initiative (HGPI) is to define community standards for data presentation in functional glycomics in relation to diseases. The goal is to facilitate data comparison, exchange and verification. The HGPI will be comprised of a number of researchers and collaborators throughout the world who are dedicated to fostering and accelerating research progress in desease glycomics by pursuing collaborative and interdisciplinary research. This initiative will connect the other initiatives in HUPO more tightly and will permit the exchange of information of mutual interest. The data and information will be shared with members, non-participating researchers and will be made available for public, academic research and teaching purposes. In order to avoid diluting efforts by other on-going related activities such as NIH consortium for functional glycomics, Japanese consortium for glycobiology and glycotechnology, Eurocarb etc, this initiative will focus exclusively on disease glycomics.
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