Molecular Systems Bioengineering Research Team

 Our group aims to develop technologies for effective application of genomic information to industries. The genomic information includes those of mutation, gene expression, metabolites and etc. Aspergillus oryzae, koji mold, is widely utilized in Japanese fermentation industry and is known as a very safe organism having high metabolic potential. We have established research basis to rationally design metabolism of useful compounds by accumulating biological information through genome sequencing and analyses above.
 The new technologies for high throughput DNA sequencing in these several years have made expansion of genomic information. Thus, developing technologies to effectively utilize the information is essential for industry to keep and increase competitiveness in biotechnology.
 Our research group is developing following technologies;

  1. Optimized combination of biological analysis and bioinformatics for effective application of function of genes and microorganisms to industry.
  2. Effective production of novel and existing compounds.
  3. Highly reliable and automated analysis of mutation and antigen-antibody reaction.

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