Microbial Ecology and Technology Research Group

  We aim to develop a bioeconomy-based society by uncovering the abyss of life phenomena from multiple viewpoints based on microbial ecology and creating novel biotechnological applications.

  Microbial ecology is an academic field that seeks a comprehensive understanding of biosphere ecosystem comprising the ocean, rivers, soil, subsurface, paddy fields, wetland, wastewater treatment processes, and symbiotic environment with animals, plants, insects and other hosts, etc. Microbial ecology employs the multiple knowledges: microbiology, biochemistry, synthetic biology, molecular biology, plant biology, and bioinformatics, and performs the analyses at the multiple scale levels: biomolecule (e.g., gene and enzyme), cell, individual, and community.

  Understanding the biosphere ecosystem through a lens of microbial ecology is considered to create the technologies for a sustainable circular economy; for example, primary production technology, renewable technology for waste/wastewater treatment, and bioproduction technology using metabolic function and genetic resources of microorganisms. Thus, microbial ecology has been regarded as one of the priority research subjects for the development of a bioeconomy-based society.

  We aim to achieve the goal “realization a world's most advanced bioeconomy-based society in 2030,” which is shown in a bio-strategy of Japan, by performing the following microbial ecological research subjects:

  1. Exploration of interspecies interactions involving in novel microbial functions and adaptive evolutionary processes
  2. Exploration and mining of rarely cultivated microorganisms in the environment
  3. Development of novel biotechnology for sustainable society
  4. Expansion and application of ecology and functions of soil microorganisms
  5. Upgrading the industrial ecosystem by comprehensive understanding of biosphere ecosystem through microbiology informatics-based science

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