Molecular and Biological Technology Research Group

Carbohydrate plays a key role for infection of a virus, a toxin etc. Although biological research of carbohydrate is well studied, production of oligosaccharide is still challenging. Meanwhile, microwave applied synthesis has became popular in this century and may become a key for an environmental-friendly chemistry. We are studying the effect of microwave for synthetic chemistry, and have developed a microwave supported reactor with rigid temperature controller to research oligosaccharide, peptide, glycopeptides and library syntheses and carbohydrate and enzymatic reactions. Furthermore, we should seek alternative energy and chemical resources for sustainable development. Biomaterials (bioorganic resources) are promising candidates for chemical resources. Our research is focused on the efficient and effective utilization of carbohydrate resources as useful chemicals and functional materials.

In addition, we are aiming to contribute to the development antibacterial materials using surface chemical technologies.

"Bio-assay with a reporter protein", which generally visualize the gene expression in cells, and "Molecular imaging", which visualize the functions and the dynamics of molecules in cells, have become indispensable experimental techniques in the post-genomic era. To improve present systems, we are trying to develop an efficient and convenient reporter system using budding yeast utilizing a novel reporter enzyme, and to develop novel molecular imaging probes utilizing luciferase.

We have already entered the post-genomic era that adjusts the focus of harvesting the fruits hidden in the genomic information. Efficient production of proteins encoded by genomic DNA is in great demand in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological applications. Although there are so many expression systems reported, there are very few satisfying systems. Therefore, we are trying to develop an efficient expression system in yeasts utilizing its genomic information and genome-wide promoter analysis.

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