Bio-Photo-Imaging Team

Our group aims to explore microbial and genetic resources widely distributed in the environment, which could contribute to creating new bioprocesses for biochemicals and bioenergy production and environmental pollution control. Current research reveals that the great majority (>99%) of microorganisms in the environment have not been cultured yet due to the limitations of conventional culture techniques. To access such untapped biological and genetic resources, we are strongly interested in developing new strategies to cultivate and isolate the uncultured microorganisms. We are also performing environmental omics (metagenomics, metatranscriptomics, etc.) to capture the whole genetic information in the environment. Furthermore, we are conducting functional metagenomics to exploit useful genetic resources available for bio-industries. Through those researches, we would like to provide novel bio-resources and their industrially useful genetic and biochemical information, and to scientifically unveil the way of living of the uncultured majority of microorganisms in the environment.



1. Lab members have been updated(2014.04.01)

  • Dr. Yoichi Kamagata is appointed Director of Hokkaido Center, AIST.
  • Dr. Nobutada Kimura is appointed group leader.
  • Dr. Tetsuya Okuda has joined our research group as a senior scientist.
  • Dr. Kyoko Yoneda has joined our research group as a postdoc.
  • Dr. Hiroyuki Kusada become a posdoc.

2. Lab members have been updated(2013.04.01)

  • Dr. Ryo Miyazaki has joined our research group as a researcher.
  • Dr. Kyosuke Yamamoto has become a JSPS Research Fellow.
  • Dr. Satoshi Tamazawa has joined our research group as a postdoc.

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