Primer sequences used for the test describe in ISO18074 Textiles -- Identification of some animal fibres by DNA analysis method – Cashmere, Wool, Yak and their blends

The sequences of primer sets for the testing described in ISO18074 were written below. These were mentioned in the section 4.9 – 4.12, and 7.21 in the International standard. Annealing temperature of PCR (9.5.2) should be set for 62 ˚C for those primer sets.

4.10 primer for cashmere (DNA fragment of 239 bp should be amplified)
Forward: gtggtagctatttttatctgggctt
Reverse: gctttattttagcactagaaaccgc

4.11 primer for wool (DNA fragment of 385 bp should be amplified)
Forward: ggagtgcacccaggaaagattc
Reverse: ccaaccgaaactgttaactcataaggag

4.12 primer for yak (DNA fragment of 333 bp should amplified)
Forward: gataccgcggccgttaaacag
Reverse: actcctagccccaatactggactaa

7.21 primer amplification verification sample in the reaction solution (DNA fragment of 480 bp should be amplified)
Forward: gaagctgctgcctgatactgac
Reverse: gtcctttttgagttcattcgtaggctag

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BOKEN Quality Evaluation Institute
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