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Group Introduction

Physiologically Active Substances Research Group

Introduction to research

A large quantity of natural compound exist on the earth, while we do not know well which is useful one for our health. As for the development of the functional material which can improve our quality of life, it is important to search for the functional natural materials with the effect for metabolic syndrome, mental syndrome, circadian rhythm disorder, and sleep disorder.

写真We have found antihypertensive effects of the casein-derived ACE-inhibiting peptide and developed the beverage containing the peptide (right). This was the first “Tokuho”, that is a government-approved food for specied health uses, and effective for mildly hypertensive humans.

写真We are screening for physiologically active substances from herbal and food plants (right) and isolated the functional compounds (below). New screening methods based on a bioluminescence are developed for circadian rhythm and anti-inflammatory systems (right bottom).


We also validate a functions of natural compounds on a behavior and sleep architecture using experimental animal model system.

List of Publications



  • Yoshiaki Onishi (Research Group Leader)

  • Koyomi Miyazaki (MP)Research Planning Office of Life Science and Biotechnology

  • Ysuhiro Kawano

  • Rie Yasuno

  • Tatsunosuke Tomita

  • Saiki Papawee