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Group Introduction

Nano-biodevice Research Group

Introduction to research

Rapid DNA methylation determination for epigenetic analysis

DNA methylation is a well-known epigenetic modification mechanism that regulates gene expression and plays crucial roles in embryonic development. We have developed the sequence-selective determination of methylcytosine in DNA with an anti-methylcytosine antibody for the first time. Our idea involves measuring the affinity between target cytosine (or methylcytosine) in a bulge region and the anti-methylcytosine antibody following hybridization with a bulge-inducing probe DNA so that the target is located in the bulge as shown in fig. We have also developed a micro-sensing chip for rapid methylcytosine determination in an oligonucleotide using surface plasmon resonance (SPR) without PCR or bisulfite treatment (Fig. 1).

Fig.1.On-chip rapid DNA methylation analysis triggered by
the bulge specific immune-recognition.

A sputtered nanocarbon film electrode for bioelectroanalysis

A sputtered nanocarbon film has been developed by employing the electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) sputtering or the unbalanced magnetron (UBM) sputtering method. This nanocarbon film has many advantages such as high conductivity (20-38 S/cm) without doping and an atomically flat surface (Ra=0.05-0.10 nm), which provide excellent electrochemical characteristics including a wide potential window, a low background current and relatively high electrode activity for various biomolecules. These characteristics allow the detection of ultratrace amount of biomolecules such as all the DNA bases, gliotransmitters, and endotoxin (LPS), which are difficult to measure at the conventional carbon electrodes. (Fig. 2)

Fig.2 A sputtered nanocarbon film electrode for bioelectroanalysis

List of Publications



  • Ryoji Kurita (Research Group Leader)

  • Kyoko Yoshioka

  • Naoshi Kojima

  • Dai Kato

  • Shunsuke Tomita

  • Tsukuru Minamiki

  • Ryo Nishihara