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Group Introduction

Molecular Composite Medicine Research Group

Introduction to research

In the Molecular Composite Medicine Research Group, we conduct basic and applied research aimed at advancing technological innovation for nucleic acid therapeutics and low-molecular weight therapeutics. To achieve this, we are developing composite technologies by merging structural biological analysis (X-ray structural analysis, Electron microscopic analysis, etc.) with molecular functional analysis (Biochemical analysis, Cell-based assay, Animal model analysis, etc.).

Creative drug discovery research by merging advanced technologies

Specific Goals

  • Development of Nucleic acids Drugs [siRNA, Antisense and Aptamer] (MM)
  • Development of preparation technology of extracellular membrane vesicles and its application to search disease markers (MI, NI)
  • Elucidation of the mechanism of dementia onset by neuropharmacological analysis (MJI)
  • Development of X-ray sensitizer with biological compatibility based on energy transfer mechanism by physicochemical interaction (JT)
  • Biophysical investigation of extracellular membrane vesicles by cryogenic electron microscopy (NI, MJI)
  • Development of electron microscopy elemental technologies that accelerates cell secreted membrane vesicle analysis (NI)
  • Structural and functional analyses of ribonucleoprotein complexes and their application for developing novel lead compounds (TN)
  • Structural and Functional analysis of protein-nucleic acids complex(DT)

List of Publications



  • Makoto Miyagishi (Research Group Leader)
  • Mitsushi Ikemoto
  • Junko Takahashi
  • Noriyuki Ishii
  • Daijiro Takeshita