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Group Introduction

Subject 2

Development of Technologies to Prevent Diseases by Utilization of Biological Homeostatic Functions

In order to sustain health in the rapidly increasing aging society, we are trying to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of mental disorders such as sleep ailments, depression and neural maladies such as Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s diseases, and lifestyle & stress-related pathologies such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension and cancers. We are endeavoring to develop novel diagnostic techniques to detect these disorders at their early stages and to develop advanced, natural and safe reagents and technologies for their prevention by undertaking multidimensional research projects on food functionality and host homeostasis.


Endeavoring to improve the quality of life through research

Exploratory research on natural compound to protect our health from metabolic syndrome, sleep disorders and mental disorders


  • Biological Clock Research Group

  • Physiologically Active Substances Research Group

  • DAILAB (Drug Discovery and Assets Innovation Laboratory)

  • Advanced Medical Revices Research Group