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Group Introduction

Subject 1

Structure/Function Analysis of Biological Molecules and Upgrading of Molecular Technologies

To advance various types of molecular technologies in the fields of drug development and manufacturing, we conduct fundamental and applied researches on the structure and function of biological molecules.

Structure and function of RNA processing machinery

Structure and function of  RNA processing machineryRNA processing dysregulations are reportedly associated with the human diseases. We investigate the mechanisms of maturation and metabolism of functional RNAs.

Structure-function relationships of potential drug target molecules

Structure and function of  RNA processing machineryFor the development of new pharmaceuticals, we are engaged in elucidation of dynamic and statistic structure-function relationships of disease–makers/related proteins, and design of artificial enzymes such as BRET-based auto-illuminated fluorescence proteins.

Multi-scale mechanism by electron microscopy

Structure and function of  RNA processing machineryUsing a combination of transmission electron microscopy, atmospheric scanning electron microscopy, single particle analysis techniques and computational molecular dynamics, we investigate the structure of tissues, cells, protein complexes, and membrane proteins .

Development of 96-well column plate for antibody purification

Structure and function of  RNA processing machineryBy applying our original methods for protein design and immobilization, we develop affinity ligands and 96-well column plate for antibody purification, which are useful for industrial-scale manufacturing of therapeutic antibodies.

Artificial proteins for QC of therapeutic antibodies

Structure and function of  RNA processing machineryTo enlarge the competitive power of Japanese biopharmaceutical industry, we aim to create artificial proteins that specifically recognize impurities that may be generated during manufacturing process, which will be usable for quality control (QC) analyses of therapeutic antibodies.


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