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Group Introduction

Cell Microsystem Research Group

Introduction to research

Our group is developing the various technologies for understanding intra-cell, cellular interaction, cellular population and tissue as a system. Concretely, we are exploiting the cell microarray for analyzing cells, the sensing device, molecular manipulating technique, micro-machine and new microscopy technology. These are very applicable for diagnosis, drug discovery, drug evaluation and DDS.

Current Research 1: Construction of Cell Micro-devices and its Application

We have the original technologies to control the release of molecules from solid surface. It is very useful for making cell-microarray device to analyze cellular response and making micro-machine for delivery of gene and medicine. We aim to develop various kinds of tools for companion diagnostics, regenerative therapy and drug development.

Research 1

Current Research 2: Laser-induced Perturbation into Cellular Functions

In order to realize artificial control of living cellular network, we are developing novel methods using laser-induced perturbation into cellular functions. Our approaches, such as laser trapping and assembling of molecular dynamics on neuronal cells and local modulation of living neuronal network with a focused femtosecond laser, will achieve optical control of cellular functions without any drugs and genes.

Research 2

Current Research 3: Development of Novel Biomaterials by Introducing of Various Molecular Structures into Polymer Chain

Polyamide4 is synthesized by ring-opening polymerization of 2-pyrrolidone producible from biomass, and has excellent thermal and mechanical properties. With selecting the initiators in the polymerization system, the wide variation of polyamide4's structures could be obtained. Further, it is possible to modify the amide group on polyamide4's chain. Utilizing these features, we aim for the development of novel biomaterials.

Research 3

Current Research 4: Development of Functional Biomaterials and Its Clinical Application

We are interested in development of cells/tissues-specific drug delivery systems (DDS), imaging, and technique to regulate cell functions (e.g., cell phenotypes) using chemical systems. By using these systems, we will try to develop functional biomaterials that are applicable to disease treatment, regenerative medicine, preventive medicine, and disease diagnosis.

Research 4

List of Publications



  • Satoshi FUJITA (Group Leader)

  • Chie HOSOKAWA (Senior Researcher)

  • Norioki KAWASAKI (Senior Researcher)

  • Riki TOITA (Researcher)