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Group Introduction

Biological Clock Research Group

Introduction to research

In order to sustain health in the rapidly increasing aging society, we are trying to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of lifestyle-related pathologies such as sleep disorders, diabetes, obesity, hypertension and immune disorders.

  • Development of novel diagnostic techniques to detect these disorders at their early stages
  • Studies on advanced food functionality and technologies for the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases.
  • Exploratory bio-fluid analysis by multi-step NMR-metabolic profiling grasps metabolic situation in biological systems aiming at evaluations of disorders and ahead sick.
  • Development of chrononutritional and chrono-exercise approach for the prevention of aging-induced locomotive dysfunction.
  • Antihypertensive effect of food materials are researched using a animal model of disease.
  • Studies on mechanisms for maturation of individual immune system -Gut to systemic- (Food Immunology).
  • Development and clinical trials of mucosal adjuvants which stabilize immune homeostasis through innate immunity, oral tolerance and gut-brain axis.

  • Chrono-nutrition

    Development of antihypertensive materials for functional foods

    Developing treatments based on the function of circadian rhythm to prevent aging-induced locomotive dysfunction

    Applications and promotions of direct mixture solution analysis to extract useful biological information at ease

    Food and medicine share the same source

    List of Publications



    • Katsutaka Oishi  (Research Group Leader)

    • Tadashi Nemoto

    • Noriko M Tsuji

    • Tomoki Abe