We have been developing a novel cell analysis technology using nanoneedles and atomic force microscope (AFM).

 The nanoneedles are ultra-thin AFM probes sharpened to 200 nm in diameter. The force response obtained by AFM using the nanoneedle indicates that the nanoneedle penetrates the cell membrane. We can detect intracellular proteins of living cells, and deliver the genes into the cell nucleus using our technique.

 Our cell surgery technology enables to manipulate a single living cell with a low invasiveness.



Oct 11, 2018 New Members joined our group.
Jul 14-15, 2017

Summer Seminar 2017 at Tateyama

Mar 27, 2018 Congratulations on graduation!
Dec 22, 2017

Publication : Our paper was published online.

Improved efficiency of nanoneedle insertion by modification with a cell-puncturing protein
Seunghwan Ryu, Yuta Matsumoto, Takahiro Matsumoto, Takafumi Ueno, Yaron R. Silberberg, Chikashi Nakamura
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 57(3S2), 03EB02 (2017), Available online 2017 Dec 22

Oct 19, 2017

Publication : Our paper was published online.

A new cell separation method based on antibody-immobilized nanoneedle arrays for the detection of intracellular markers
Ryuzo Kawamura, Minami Miyazaki, Keita Shimizu, Yuta Matsumoto, Yaron R .Silberberg, Ramachandra Rao Sathuluri, Masumi Iijima, Shun’ichi Kuroda, Futoshi Iwata, Takeshi Kobayashi and Chikashi Nakamura
Nano Letters, 17(11), 7117-7124 (2017), Available online 2017 Oct 19


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