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Greeting from the Director

Naoki Ichikawa,

Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute was established on April 1, 2015, as one of research units of Department of Electronics and Manufacturing, AIST. The mission is to promote Advanced R&D of manufacturing technology for reinforcement of sustainable competitiveness of manufacturing industry.

The manufacturing industry had been said to be strength of Japan, but it seems to face new situations by not only the social structure problems of low birthrate, aging and the deindustrialization but rapid progress of the information technology including the digital manufacturing.

Conversion from the conventional production technology that assumed mass production, mass consumption of the low cost, high performance and highly functional products, to on-site manufacturing based on individual consumer needs, considering prolongation of limited resources, energy of the Earth, and resilience (flexibility) reinforcement to natural disaster, has been requested.

We focus on the long-term trend of the manufacturing technology as a national institute, and wrestle for the development of innovative manufacturing processes and systems, measurement and evaluation technology using advanced sensing devices, and design and information technology taking account of customer value, product distribution and recycle.

In this fourth term (2015-2019 FY), we investigate following priority research themes;
1. Optimization and conjugation of several kinds of manufacturing processes adjusted for materials properties and shapes.
2. On site measurement and evaluation of manufacturing processes and products, and its feedback to the design and manufacturing.
3. Design information technology to deal with functional design, and manufacturing processes information at the early stage of design.

We perform development of advanced future technology, obtain basic knowledge to assist them, and realize unification and fusion of technologies.

In addition, these research results will be proposed and demonstrated to industry, as a new manufacturing paradigm, having collaboration with prefectural (public) research institutes and local companiesf technology, to revitalize local industry.

Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute

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