Summary of AHFRC

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S. Kitazaki, Ph.D.
M. Akamatsu, Ph.D.
Distinguished Senior Researcher
AHFRC summary

Recent vehicles have been highly computerized and given artificial eyes and intelligence. Whereas such technologies are expected to support drivers for safe and comfortable driving, they sometimes generate additional workload for some drivers in, for example, operating the Human Machine Interface while driving. It is important to deeply understand various drivers in behavioral, cognitive and physiological levels to design the vehicles to be safe and comfortable for all drivers at all situations.

The core competencies of our research center are integrative approaches to systematic understanding of drivers using behavioral, cognitive, neurological and physiological measures.

We established three research fields as listed below based on our competencies.

  1. Support of older drivers for safe driving.
  2. Human factors in autonomous driving.
  3. Driving pleasure.

We will conduct research to achieve our vision that is "Establishment of human-centered methodologies to design vehicles to be safe, comfortable and enjoyable for all drivers".