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Advanced Power Electronics Research Center

SiC Device Process Team
  • May, 2009
    600V and 1200V SiC-SBD/SiC-MOSFET
    development was started for their mass production

  • March, 2010
    Exclusive fabrication line for SiC power device
    successfully built in AIST WEST

  • March, 2011〜 : SiC-SBD sample delivery started

  • 2012(fiscal year)〜 : SiC-MOSFET sample plan to deliver

AIST WEST :Headquarter of Power Electronics Research

All “SiC power”-related research facilities located in this area

SiC Power Device R&D Schedule

1) SBD:SiC Schottky Barrier Diode
2) IEMOS:SiC-MOSFET invented by AIST

Feature of the AIST SiC-SBD device

・By the application of SiC-SBD, tremendous less power loss can be successfully achieved by 35%

SiC-SBD+Si-IGBT Power Module