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Advanced Power Electronics Research Center

Introducing Our Research Team

Wafer Process Team

Team Leader
Tomohisa Kato

 Research is carried out on wide bandgap semiconductor single crystal growth technology; cutting and polishing process technology for very hard, brittle materials; Research is also carried out on optimizing these using consistent processes, and on technology for evaluating the microstructural changes accompanying the various processes.

Epitaxial Growth Team

Team Leader
Kazutoshi Kojima

 Research is carried out on homoepitaxial growth technology onSiC bulk substrates; .The in-process epitaxial growth technology is studied by cooperation with a device team for complicated device structure production.

SiC Power Device Team

Team Leader
Yasunori Tanaka

 Technical research is carried out on increasing reliability and performance, such as high blocking voltage large current capability and low loss for SiC power devices such as SBD and PN junction diodes, junction type FETs, MOSFETs, and IGBTs.

SiC Device Process Team

Team Leader
Shinsuke Harada

 This team is responsible for development of mass production technology for high current capability SiC-SBDs and SiC-MOSFETs in the 600 V and 1200 V class and small-scale production of SiC devices for applied equipment and system testing.

GaN Power Device Team

Team Leader
Xu-Qiang Shen

  This team is responsible for developing crystal growth and devices with GaN, for which there are expectations as a wide-gap semiconductor along with SiC.

Diamond Materials Team

Team Leader
Hideaki Yamada

As the ultimate wide bandgap semiconductor materials, we are developing single crystal diamond wafer and their evaluation technologies.

Diamond Device Team

Team Leader
Toshiharu Makino

 Our team has been developing advanced electric devices based on the unique properties of diamond semiconductors.

Power Circuit Integration Team

Team Leader
Hiroshi Sato

 This team promotes research on design and other technology for power converters using wide-gap semiconductors (circuit technology, mounting technology, modularization technology, simulation technology, etc.)

Power Device Application Design Team

Team Leader
Kunihiro Sakamoto

 Aiming at expanding the application fields of power electronics based on wide band gap semiconductor devices, we develop and manufacture SiC power devices that will meet unprecedented requests for power electronics instruments.